JCI Hospital 6th Edition eBook Package (English)
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JCI Hospital 6th Edition eBook Package (English)


Have your 6th edition compliance resources in one electronic package!

December 2016. English version.

Package includes two PDF books:

  • JCI Accreditation Standards for Hospitals, 6th Edition
  • Published December 2016. 362 pages. ISBN: 978-1-59940-949-4
  • JCI Accreditation Hospital Survey Process Guide, 6th Edition.
  • Published March 2017. 170 pages. ISBN: 978-1-59940-994-8
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Product Description

Product Description

This package includes two PDF books: 
  • JCI Accreditation Standards for Hospitals, 6th Edition
  • JCI Survey Process Guide for Hospitals, 6th Edition
The standards in the 6th Edition standards book are divided into two main sections: 1) patient-centered care and 2) health care organization management. In addition, two standards chapters are included for hospitals that meet eligibility criteria for academic medical center accreditation—these address additional requirements for human subjects research and medical professional education. The 6th Edition survey process guide is designed to help hospitals and academic medical centers learn about and prepare for the JCI on-site accreditation survey.
Highlights of New Requirements in the Standards Book:
  • Develop and implement a program for antibiotic stewardship
  • Develop, implement, and test a program for responding to global communicable diseases 
  • Conduct a pre-construction risk assessment when planning for construction and take action based on assessment
  • Implement a staff vaccination and immunization program
  • Address appropriate use of copy-and-paste in electronic medical record systems
  • Develop, maintain, and test a program for response to planned and unplanned downtime of data systems
Key Features of the Standards Book:
  • Summary of changes to standards requirements
  • Chapter overviews describing the focus of each chapter
  • List of standards-only at the beginning of each chapter for quick reference
  • Updated and new references providing evidence and support for key topics in the standards
  • Summaries of the Accreditation Participation Requirements (APRs)—the full text of the APRs may be found on the JCI website
Key Features of the Survey Process Guide:
  • Eligibility requirements and JCI accreditation application information
  • Scoring guidelines and accreditation decision rules
  • Survey preparation and survey planning tools
  • Sample agendas for on-site surveys
  • Details about the on-site survey process, including descriptions of on-site survey activities and interview sessions
Corrections to the 6th Edition:
The current 6th Edition Hospital Standards and 6th Edition Survey Process Guide for Hospitals include corrected typographical and other errors as of 8 January 2018.
Translated versions of the books may not include all of the corrections depending on when the translation was completed. Please click each of the following links to access the list of corrections to the 6th Edition books.
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