JCI Mock Survey Tool for Tracers with AMP


Mock surveys are an essential tool for the continuous improvement of patient safety and preparing for Joint Commission International surveys. However, coordinating and consolidating findings from various locations into meaningful reports can be a difficult and time-consuming task. We recognize the importance of being proactive and utilizing tools that can streamline the mock survey process.

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Tracers with AMP® Mock Survey
  • Tracers with AMP® Mock Survey
Product Description

Product Description

For an additional fee, JCI Tracers with AMP Mock Survey Tool enables your staff to conduct mock surveys throughout your organization. You will unlock the ability to generate robust reports, identifying trends and areas for improvement across your system. The Mock Survey Tool can be used to enter findings, create final reports, validate plans of action, and generate executive summaries.

Key Features:

  • Up-to-date standards: Our platform enables you to enter findings for the most recent standards, ensuring your mock surveys are aligned with the latest JCIA requirements.
  • SAFERâ„¢ Matrix format: Our platform generates a SAFERâ„¢ Matrix report, making it easier to identify high-risk and widespread findings. 
  • Plans of Corrections tracking: Our platform allows you to track and approve Plans of Action, ensuring that identified problems are corrected promptly.

By conducting your mock survey process through our Mock Survey Tool, you can save time and resources, while ensuring your health system remains compliant with the latest standards.

License Type

License Type

Mock Survey Tool for JCI Tracers with AMP is available as a site license if your organization currently has an active JCI Tracers with AMP license. An unlimited number of users within your organization can access this product.

For best application performance, we highly recommend you download Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Click on the links to begin the download. Microsoft Internet Explorer will not be supported officially. For JCR product technical assistance, please submit an inquiry through our Contact Us form or reach out by email or phone.

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Live Demos

Live Demos

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