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PolicySource: P&Ps for Compliance with Joint Commission Requirements

Dozens of downloadable, sample  policies and procedures required by Joint Commission standards, reviewed and approved by The Joint Commission. Updated as requirements change so your P&Ps are always compliant.

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An annual subscription to PolicySource™  gives you online access to the product for 12 months from the date of purchase.

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Product Description

Product Description

Are you continually challenged to keep pace with evolving regulations, standards, and practices—and to review and update your policies and procedures (P&Ps) to maintain compliance?

To help your health care organization tackle these challenges, Joint Commission Resources developed PolicySource™: P&Ps for Compliance with Joint Commission Requirements, an online collection of sample P&Ps that meet your organization's needs to comply with accreditation requirements.

On this easy-to-navigate, web-based portal, you’ll find standardized, downloadable, adaptable policies, procedures, protocols, and plans organized by and correlated to actual Joint Commission standards in the Comprehensive Accreditation Manuals. We provide a standardized policy or procedure (P&P) for nearly every Joint Commission–required written P&P, making it an invaluable resource for any organization needing to improve its collection of P&Ps or a health care system navigating a merger or acquisition requiring consistent P&Ps across sites.

We’ll update PolicySource to sync with twice-annual Joint Commission standards updates:

  • If a new Joint Commission standard has required written documentation, a new sample policy addressing the requirement will appear in the next update of PolicySource
  • If a current documentation requirement changes, we’ll update the correlated sample P&P to align with the changes

An annual subscription to PolicySource also provides:

  • Introductory material that explains why P&Ps are necessary and how best to develop and manage them
  • A P&P checklist that identifies any standard requiring written documentation
  • Standardized templates to use when writing or updating your own policies, procedures, and plans


Please note: PolicySource was developed for a U.S. audience. However, many good practices can be drawn from its policies and procedures to assist international organizations in their efforts to provide high-quality, safe care.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals Version
Table of Contents

Sample Pages

Sample Pages

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