The Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists, Second Edition
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The Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists, Second Edition

A must-have collection of new and revised checklists—for accreditation prep, infection prevention, performance improvement, and more!

272 pages.

Second Edition of a Doody's 5 Star Book!
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Product Description

Product Description

Checklists are proven tools for getting things done—and more importantly, getting things done the right way every time.  By providing a standardized approach, checklists simplify complex tasks and processes. When used consistently and correctly, a well-developed checklist can help to ensure safe patient care. 
This fully revised and updated second edition of the best-selling Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists includes new and revised checklists, tools, and templates that health care organizations can use and customize. There are checklists for a myriad of tasks, including accreditation preparation, continuous standards compliance, performance improvement and measurement, and more.  
These tried-and-true checklists help organizations assess and evaluate tasks and processes, provide guidance for decision making, and itemize procedure steps and required “to-do’s.”  The book also includes blank checklist templates and encourages health care organizations to build their own checklists to tackle organization-specific challenges. 
The Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists is available as a hard-copy, a single-user e-book, or a multi-user e-book (or site license).
Key Topics:
  • Continuous standards compliance and survey readiness
  • Performance improvement and measurement
  • Safety culture
  • Staff competence assessment
  • Sentinel events
  • Root cause analysis
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Medication management
  • Physical environment

Key Features:

  • Downloadable and customizable checklists on a wide range of topics 
  • Explanation of how checklists can be successfully used in health care
  • Caveats about overreliance on checklists or ineffective implementation
  • Checklists that apply to all Joint Commission–accredited programs
  • Trusted content reviewed by subject matter experts from The Joint Commission

Standards: Various accreditation standards

Setting: All Joint Commission accreditation programs
Key Audience:
  • Accreditation professionals
  • Performance improvement professionals
  • Clinical leadership
  • Infection preventionists
  • Medication safety officers
  • Patient safety officers
  • Human resources professionals
  • Health care facility managers
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Draft Table of Contents
Evaluation of Checklist Effectiveness
Continuous Compliance
Daily Compliance Checklist
Mock Tracer Evaluation Checklist
Required Written Policies Checklist
Survey Day Documents Checklist
Survey Day Readiness Procedure Checklist
Performance Improvement and Measurement
Action Hierarchy Evaluation Checklist
Data Collection Evaluation Checklist
Evaluation Checklist for Differentiating Root and Contributing Causes
Measurement Evaluation Checklist
Performance Improvement Data Sources Checklist
Proposed Performance Improvement Project Decision Checklist
Quality System Assessment Required Policies Checklist
Required Performance Improvement Documents and Data Checklist
Root Cause Analysis Evaluation Checklist
Root Cause Analysis Procedure Checklist
Sentinel Event Policy Evaluation Checklist
Sentinel Event Root Causes Assessment Checklist
Systems and Processes Problems Factors Checklist
Workflow Assessment Checklist
Contracted Services Evaluation Checklist
Patient Flow Assessment Checklist
Required Board Review and Approval Checklist
Required Governance Reports Checklist
Safety Culture Actions Checklist
Safety Culture Assessment Checklist
Safety Culture Policy Evaluation Checklist
Staffing and Medical Staff
Focused Professional Practice Evaluation Assessment Checklist
Focused Professional Practice Evaluation Procedure Checklist
Registered Nurse Orientation Competency Assessment Checklist
Required Staff Education and Training Checklist
Staffing Firm Decision Checklist
Care of the Patient
Discharge Summary Evaluation Checklist
Interdisciplinary Care Plan Evaluation Checklist
Required BHC Individual-Served Education and Information Checklist
Required OME Patient Education and Information Checklist
Required Patient Teach-Back Education and Information Checklist
Required Patient Rights and Responsibilities Checklist
Suicide Prevention Assessment Checklist
Surgical Safety Procedure Checklist
Health Information and Technology
Health Information Policy Evaluation Checklist
Health Information Technology Security Decision Checklist
New Technology Decision Checklist
Point-of-Care Medical Record Checklist
Infection Prevention and Control
Antibiotic Stewardship Program Evaluation Checklist
Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Evaluation Checklist
Central Line Insertion Procedure Checklist
Central Line Maintenance Procedure Checklist
Daily Patient Room Cleaning Procedure Checklist
Endoscope Reprocessing Assessment Checklist
Flu Patient Assessment and Procedure Checklist
Infectious Disease Personal Protective Equipment Procedure Checklist
Infectious Disease Response Assessment Checklist
Laundry Practices Infection Control Assessment Checklist
Operating Room Count Discrepancy Procedure Checklist
Surgical Site Infection Risk-Assessment Checklist
Medication Management
Emergency Cart Assessment Checklist
Medication Compounding Policy Evaluation Checklist
Medication Error Investigation Procedure Checklist
Medication Labeling Procedure Checklist
Medication Reconciliation Policy Evaluation Checklist
Medication Storage and Security Assessment Checklist
Pain Assessment Program Evaluation Checklist
Patient Medication Understanding Assessment Checklist
The Physical Environment
Construction and Design Partner Decision Checklist
Construction Project Plan Procedure Checklist
Daily Construction Site Assessment Checklist
Decorations Assessment Checklist
Disaster Volunteer Procedure Checklist
Door and Corridor Egress Assessment Checklist
Environment of Care Management Plan Evaluation Checklist
Environment of Care Management Plan Procedure Checklist
Environment of Care Rounds Assessment Checklist
Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Evaluation Checklist
Environmental Hand Hygiene Assessment Checklist
Environmental Risks for Suicide Assessment Checklist
Fire and Smoke Wall Assessment Checklist
Latch-and-Label Door Assessment Checklist
Medical Devices Security Assessment and Selection Decision Checklist
Required Environment of Care Documentation Checklist
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