Treatment Planning in Behavioral Health Care and Human Services

This brand-new book explains The Joint Commission's requirements for treatment planning in behavioral health care and human services. Treatment planning was identified as the #1 most challenging compliance area by BHC accredited organizations.

Release Date: April 15, 2022. 118 pages. 

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Treatment Planning in Behavioral Health Care and Human Services
  • Treatment Planning in Behavioral Health Care and Human Services
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Product Description

Product Description

This book takes a close look at the Joint Commission standards and elements of performance (EPs) related to treatment planning in the “Care, Treatment, and Services” (CTS) chapter of the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Behavioral Health Care and Human Services (CAMBHC) and its counterpart E-dition®. It explores the processes and activities that go into effective treatment planning within BHC programs and settings. Of course, this book cannot delve into specific diagnoses and individual behavioral health care needs and planning for the appropriate treatment, care, or services to meet those needs. Rather, this book, like the Joint Commission standards, focuses on the quality of overall treatment planning processes within BHC organizations.

To help accredited BHC organizations identify and improve compliance in areas related to treatment planning, Treatment Planning in Behavioral Health Care and Human Services highlights Joint Commission requirements that many organizations find challenging (as seen by Joint Commission surveyors) and offers solutions and strategies for improvement. Recent data from The Joint Commission show that on surveys conducted in BHC settings in 2020, the rate of noncompliance with Standard CTS.03.01.03 was 61.69%. This requirement states: “The organization has a plan for care, treatment, or services that reflects the assessed needs, strengths, preferences, and goals of the individual served.” That means that nearly two out of three Joint Commission–accredited BHC organizations surveyed in 2020 did not adequately plan for individuals’ care, treatment, or services. What were the problems with complying with this requirement? Joint Commission surveyors reported the following common problems:

  • Care, treatment, or service goals did not reflect the individual’s own words.
  • Care, treatment, or service goals were not reviewed at specific time frames as required.
  • Care, treatment, or service goals were not measurable and did not or could not show progress toward meeting identified goals.
  • The treatment plan did not address all the needs and problems identified during screening and assessment.
  • The treatment plan was not individualized.
  • Goals and objectives in multiple plans for multiple individuals were the same, selected from scripted language found in the electronic medical record.
  • Individuals were not involved in decision making for treatment planning.
  • Organizations failed to follow the written plan for care, treatment, or services.

This book will look at these compliance challenges and identify and explain ways that organizations can improve. Specifically, Joint Commission standards require BHC organizations to provide care, treatment, and services through the successful coordination and completion of the following processes:

  • Entry to care, treatment, or services
  • Screening, assessment, and reassessment
  • Planning and development of care, treatment, or services
  • Delivery of individualized care, treatment, or services
  • Monitoring outcomes of care, treatment, or services to achieve individualized goals
  • Continuity of care, treatment, or services
  • Discharge planning
  • Prevention and wellness promotion services, when applicable

This book will focus on these processes and activities to ensure that BHC organizations understand what is expected of them and how to comply. Not only did survey noncompliance data show the need for this book, in fact, BHC accredited organizations themselves asked for a book on this topic. Treatment planning in BHC was the #1 identified need on a survey conducted by Joint Commission Resources (JCR), The Joint Commission’s official publisher and educator. Guidance on BHC treatment planning was also requested repeatedly at JCR’s annual national BHC conference for accredited organizations.

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